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How to improve your visual web design skills

Visual web design skills are a need to have for any web developer. However, most web developers though excellent at coding, oftentimes face challenges when it comes to the visual aspects of it. It is not uncommon for web developers to opt to skip the Photoshop phase entirely, and have someone else work on this bit. This can be a nightmare, especially because the visual aspects of wed design and development impact the general outlook of your website, or system. Nonetheless, there are some useful tips to help you improve your visual design skills.

First, to improve o your skills, you need to go back to the basics and work upwards. Such include the elements of color, topography, balance, and other elements. Once you have refreshed your basics, you can now venture out into new designs and establish what works and what doesn’t. A critical point to note is that this does not occur overnight; it takes a good deal of time and practice to try out the different design features and to master them.

Majority of students who graduate from Graphic Design courses tend to be thin, in terms of their skills. They therefore require a good deal of mentorship and experience to improve on their skills. This experience can be obtained through working collaboratively with other designers who are more experienced and more capable than you. In fact, this presents an excellent mentorship platform through which you can build and improve on your visual web skills. Graduating in web design in London can be a great career boost.

Last but not least, it is advisable to learn to work for others, more than for yourself. This is because such environments involve criticism which you can embrace, build on, and learn from them. Arguably, there is value to be gained from even the worst of criticisms. Oftentimes, personal projects do not provide the same level of criticism, and desire for perfection that results to an improvement of your skills. Most importantly, allow yourself the necessary time to progress from easy steps in visual design software such as Photoshop or other tools, to harder steps, which will allow you to master your skills as your progress.



Myself and my business partner Chuck set up our own VOIP solution, buildings the software from the ground up. We very much recommend having a custom made solution that really suits your office system. It does not matter how many staff you have working, It is always a great idea to have a complete VOIP solution.

Contact us directly and find out what we can do for your company, We offer systems that will fit in any kind office environment so don’t hesitate to find out what is best for you.

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Top Reasons to Consider Using Small Business VoIP

If you are like most small business owners you are always looking for ways to expand your business capital and to reach a larger audience. One of the methods that you can now utilize that has changed the world of small business is the internet, and now for those who are willing to explore their options farther the internet also allows for more growth in terms of internet expansion due to a nifty little system called small business VoIP.
At its most simple, business VoIP is a business internet telephone solution, but at its most complicated it is a better customer support system, image creator, outsourcing platform, flexible system, and professional system.

These are just a few of the brief aspects of business VoIP, but if you dig into its positives a bit more what you will discover is how many ways hosted business VoIP is changing the face of business for small businesses, and if you are quick to capitalize on it then pbx VoIP can change your business and your life as well. The following are just four of the top reasons to consider using small business VoIP.

Global Communications
First off, one of the main reasons that people choose to use business VoIP within the small business model is due to the fact that it allows them to contact companies and clients globally without any extra charges. It is no secret that long distance phone calls and communication can be expensive, but cloud VoIP levels the playing field allowing you to call long distance or just next door for the same price, making it the perfect solution for a small business that is looking for the funds to go international.

Outsourcing Ability
It does not stop here however, because with business VoIP not only can you conduct business internationally or nationally, you can also contract workers and aid that is not located in your home town as well. Since most hosted pbx VoIP comes with free extensions and forwarding, your business can have one central one number but extensions for employees that are located anywhere across the nation or the globe.

Therefore, you easily get the freedom to hire anyone you want based on their experience and qualifications instead of their location which opens up a lot of room for advancement in terms of employee skill and expertise as well.

Added Professionalism
Next, it is no secret that business VoIP can help make your small business look much more professional because in terms of customer support an automated switchboard and official call directory is always going to look more professional than a receptionist scrambling around asking the caller to wait while they locate the right party. Even better, since the system is automated with a switchboard you can offer customers answers to the frequently asked questions without even waiting to talk to someone, allowing them to get the information they need and leaving them happy and content with your business.

Finally, business VoIP offers a higher degree of flexibility to you as a business owner if you choose to go with a hosted pbx VoIP solution. Due to the fact that phone calls can be transferred to any number you can finally safely leave the office during the day or sign out at night without worrying that you are going to miss an important phone call from a client or a customer. This allows you to get more freedom without worrying about your business which in turn will make you more productive at work and a great deal less stressed.

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The Reasons Business Phone Systems Are Going Digital For VoIP

Choosing from business phone systems is a difficult decision. A phone can now do so much more than simply make calls, making it even more valuable than it was in the past. Customers are kept connected with a phone line, and they also can be an effective marketing device. Those who have large offices or geographically broad locations will use a phone regularly throughout the working day to stay connected internally. Analog phones have been the sole way to do this until lately. We use business phone systems in Surrey.

In the last ten years, business phone systems have had a revamp. Businesses quickly welcomed the internet into everyday use, for purposes such as research, communication over email and word processing. Although the initial uses for the internet were restricted, it was not long before developers began thinking outside of the box. In recent times the concept of a phone system over the internet was created, and gradually became known as ‘Voice over IP’ (or VoIP). This grew popular with the emergence of high-speed internet and free online video conferencing software such as Skype.

While there were few applications around, in the beginning, VoIP is now a fully accessible service to those with a broadband connection. This is good news for companies and has been taken on board by many large and small businesses around the globe to run their phone systems. Landlines are no longer appropriate for business phone systems, missing features that are available with VoIP services, such as multi-call conferencing and online faxing. Two or more calls can be active at the same time on VoIP systems, which allows for more flexibility in offices with busy phone traffic. A landline does not have this flexibility.
The following are the different categories of business phone systems available in the market that addresses comprehensive business requirements.


There is a special device called key system unit (KSU) that maintains control over the key phone systems. However, it is an exclusive business telephone tool and has some special features that are not found in the usual systems. It allows individuals to make call to the different in-office extension and also gives the leverage to put the line on hold. Under this phone system, 5 to 40 extensions can be managed. Thus, it is mainly popular among small and medium sized business organizations. This phone system may cost the business enterprise somewhat in between $350 to $1000 per user.


While working in an organization with a requirement for more than 40 extensions, you need to turn towards private branch extension phone systems. Though the traditional model for PBX system was quite large, that was not too pleasing, but with the cutting-edge technology, PBX systems have been designed in compact model that can be easily placed on your workstation. They are completely programmed. It costs approximately $800 – $1000 per user. Thus, they are considered as the ideal phone systems for medium businesses with employees more than 100.


It has maximum capacity to accommodate 10 extensions. It is not wired permanently in an office and can be replaced to any other preferred location, if required. It has features similar to those PBX systems, and so, they are most commonly installed in small offices with fewer employees. It is inexpensive and costs $130 to $225 per phone.